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Update 4-2-2012
I'm selling a bunch of my extra Capri parts. I've added a page: Rocketman's Used Parts

Yes, I am still chipping ECU's. See my ECU page for details: Rocketchips - Capri XR2 & Mazda 323 ECU Upgrades

I've also added this beautiful old machine to my shop:

So expect some really big projects from me soon!
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Update 7-23-2011
Updated a few things here on the site. Added a Lighted Mirror Wiring Install page: Here

Also, I have a page for my AWD Mercury Capri I call the "GTXR2"

Please check out CapriGathering for info on the 3rd Annual Northeast Capri Gathering on 9-24-2011 in Marshalls Creek, PA!
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