Progress is being made!
I am slowly making progress on the engine - everything is being removed, sandblasted, and painted. I am making a lot of compromises from my original plan after several setbacks due to money issues. I'm pretty much going stock except for the turbo and intercooler. Right now its still a sight for sore eyes but it will look nice soon.

Please keep in mind these pictures have been taken over a 5 month period.

Trying to pull the valves from my spare head using an improvised spring compressor...

Trying not to scrach the HLA wells

You can see the vavlestem and the valve keepers here.

Not very efficient but it did work.

Exhaust valves

Preliminary porting & polishing on the intake side

Mmmm shiny.

Combustion chambers are still dirty.

I put tape on the head surface so it wouldnt get scratched up too bad

Preliminary knifedging on the exhaust side.

Still have a LOT more to do

Thats a knife edge though.

I painted it green! The stripes were eyeballed and came out pretty good.

I didnt paint the hardtop incase I ever want to sell it.

Shitty angle.

Front bumper removed

The dirty engine without the valvecover

The turbo is completely shot

Random parts

I got around to painting stripes on the back too.

Pretty even.


Got the bumper too

Pictures dont do it justice. It really is a LOT uglier than it looks.

Sexy Capri ass

A look at the nightmare I'm getting into

I blew out the turbo at 168k after boosting to 20 psi on it.

Even from here you can tell the compressor is SHOT

There was about 3/8" shaft play in it...

Noting the distributor timing before I take it off.

Noting clutch cable adjustment

Front motor mount is shot.

These are the upper mounting bolts for the downpipe - they are a nightmare to get off.

My straightpipe exhaust. Pretty ghetto, going much bigger next time

Shot turbo's turbine housing

You can see shiny metal on the turbine - it was clipping the housing.

I'm trying to show how much of a gap there is but its not working.


Oil everywhere too.

The compressor blades are bent.

This is the center shaft or whatever, The bearing thing there is obliterated.


The fins are razor sharp from hitting the compressor housing - not to mention pretty bent.

Very bent.

Very ugly.

How did it last this long?

You can see where it touched the housing

Exhuast manifold bolt pattern

Looking to see if its possible to turn a miata turbo manifold upside down

The 4 holes on the end are the only ones that match up.

Would be difficult to re-drill this one.

Conclusion: very possible

My would- be replacement turbo


The blades arent bent but there is a little shaft play

Paint does wonders.

I decided not to use it but it would have been a temp replacement.

The shifter assembly

Ugly rust

Noting distributor connections

Some bracket thingy goes there

A little clearer

Another dizzy connection

Knock sensor plug

Ground at front left of head

Ground at rear left of head

Noting vacuum lines

That one is important. I think.

The head's off

Its a head!

Intake manifold removed.

Ugly. I had previously painted the fuel rail but it didnt hold up.

The valvetrain

Mmmmm pistons

Fucking carbon. Who the hell made up the saying "A redline a day keeps the carbon away?" Its BULLSHIT

Ugly engine bay

The knock sensor

A real fartcan muffler!

Its winking. (about what, I'm not sure)

Trying to pull the axles out

Still trying to pull the axles out

Alternator bracket

Noting alternator connections

Front view

The bar & plate intercooler I bought.

Its at least twice the stock size, and made of more efficient Aluminum

My axles with shot outer CV joints. Dont run 30,000 miles with split boots

Noting oil cooler line

Noting the other one.

I'm sure this is something important too.

At 168k there is still crosshatch visible in the bore

Axles OUT! They are a pain but just hit em hard enough

Other side.

The end of the halfshaft

Theres a bracket that mounts to the block.

Another view, and that wierd pipe for some J-spec thing

Theres a wire connected to the power steering pump. The car will explode without it.

Noting bracket on transmission bolt

Front struts. One dust boost is obliterated

The half-shaft and bracket pulled out.

Noting transmission mount bolts

This one on the bottom is 12mm.

Better pic.

There are 2 front the starter side

Seperated! On hindsight thought, its best to take them both out as one unit.

Tight squeeze

Mess of wires and connectors

Its out!

Crank side

Front side

Transmission side. This is the flywheel, clutch, and pressure plate

Ugly ass bell housing.

The speed sensor gear thing

Its plastic.

It also doubles as the fill-hole

Noting transmission connections.

One goes way up here somewhere.

The clutch and pressure plate.

The flywheel

Empty engine bay!

The oil cooler

Stock shifter Vs. Civic short throw shifter I bought on eBay for $15

It fits but the bushings dont seat well

IHI-VJ11 turbo I bought on eBay

Good condition, little shaft play

Again, paint does wonders.



I hope it lasts.

Crate 'O parts that need to be blasted and painted

Engine in my shed on the stand

Noting that the Capri Master Cylinder has 4 outlet lines

It doesnt use an external proportioning valve.

Painted transmission

Smushed pic, shelves full of parts

Another smushed pic w/ head on block

Mocking the head on the block to test turbo clearance


Needs cleaning.

Waiting to be sandblasted.

Shiny intake manifold!

The stock tailights work with the body but arent very stylish.

BAM!!! The '94 style look AWESOME

Pic of the old exhaust

The cat was cleaned out by the previous owner.

Suprisingly, it wasnt very loud like this.

Noting a connection on the passenger door.

Its a power lock actuator!

Funny, because power locks were not a factory option, and this is an OEM ford part.

Boost and A/F ratio gauges installed in the A-pillar pod

The pods arent the best fit but they do work.

The lower guage bulb hits the dash but its better than duct tape!

Painted intake manifold loaded with painted & polished accesories

Slightly bored throttle body inlet (done out of boredom)

Polished injectors need a coat of high temp clearcoat

No more "TURBO" decal

Without flash - shows the colors better

Or not...

painted block

Oil pan too

Front of the block

Ribbed oil pan

Quick shot of the capri sleeping...Intercooler hasnt been mounted yet.


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