Progress is being made!
This is the second page - shows some of the re-assembly of the engine and finally dropping it back into the capri. Enjoy!

I put the battery in the trunk - this is where I ran the cables thru the firewall.

They fit perfectly in the fender area.

Another angle - they end up coming thru the firewall up and behind the fuse box.

Inside the cabin I ran them along the driverside endge of the floor

They run inside the trim next to the back seat...

...And pop out in the lower trunk.

A mockup of the free muffler I got

My ultra-ghetto valvespring compressor

Its better than the last one that I made.

The upper 2x4 presses against the small piece of wood and forces the retainer and springs down.

I had a fun time moving the engine stand to the front yard where my capri sits.

Its Shiny. Mmmm.

Another angle

The oil cooler is back on - note that it cant stay at that angle because of the oil pressure sensor.

Mocking up the manifold and turbo so I can try to get the wastegate to fit

There isnt much room to work with.

This bracket is kind of important - it supports the turbo and takes a load off the manifold and the head.

The oil pressure sensor installed - note how the cooler has to be clocked so it clears.

The intake and exhaust camshafts in place...

Camshaft bearing caps installed but need to be torqued down.

My doofy ass at work.

"Duuhhhhh......I think this goes here..."

Cam gears installed. The intercooler is visible down below. Still needs to be bolted up!

A custom headlight conversion for 2g Ford Probes. Won't fit but the concept is still pretty cool, it would look wicked with the Clubsprint body style.

Stock VJ14 wastegate and modded wastegate to fit VJ11

I had to cut out a portion of the bracket. Later on I had to cut a lot more.

What it used to look like.

The angle is MUCH different. Note that this angle is for the actuator to be mounted on the low low side of the turbo.

Stock angle

Modified angle.

It fits without re-drilling the holes. Note I had to cut more of the bracket.

The coolant line has to be clocked higher up.

Still needs the exhaust elbow.

Mmmmm. Shiny valvecover. Distributor has now made an appearance.

Another angle without the flash. Power steering pump is mounted up.

Another view.

The knock sensor is in that mess there.

My doofy ass still working on crap.

Pullies and alternator mounted up. The intake still needed some porting on the 2 outside runners so I took it off.

Everythings mounted up.

Running coolant lines to the turbo.

The crew getting ready to take the engine off the stand.

The manifold is now mounted up, and I added a breather filter added to the valvecover.

The non-AC belt on the PS Pump. I didnt want to deal with all the AC bullshit when I never use it and it barely works.

The flash makes it look dark

No flash, nice and bright. Btw, we took the hood off to make things easier.

The tranny is mounted up. The chain is hung like that to keep the engine from rocking as we attempt to push the lift forward thru the gravel...

A better pic of the transmission and half-shaft (some know it as the intermediate shaft) mounted up

Side view.

Good to go!

SadisticTheory is obviously having fun.

Got the engine halfway in.

All the way in! Its hard to remember to take pics when theres a lot of shit going on.

Pic thru the front grill.

The capri now has an engine again!


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