Progress is being made!
This is the 3rd page of my progress on my Capri - right now its running but I havent put it on the road yet, it still needs some work.

The bottom piece is my version of the intake before the turbo - it makes an effective cold air intake too, the filter is really close to the front driverside of the engine bay. (very low down)

Just a pic working on everything

This is where the VAF and filter end up. The wire for the VAF is plenty long enough for it to be positioned here.

The filter is in front of the transmission real close to the ground. I'm going to make a shield for it so it doesnt suck up tons of water or dust.

My old 1 3/4" exhaust compared to my new 2 1/4" exhaust. I still need to run it over the suspension.

I installed a winshield squirter above my license plate to piss on tailgaters :D

Heres the pump

I'm pointing at the foglight mount. It's gotta go so I can put the intercooler in.

I made a plate to mount some stuff on. The switches do various tricks, and I'll be installing an oil pressure gauge to keep the voltmeter company.

DIY intercooler piping! A lot of people say it doesnt work, or won't work, but it sure as hell works!

The passenger side routes up thru the stock location and connects to the stock hose, which has been trimmed a bit (the last 90* bend in it was cut off)

The intercooler's held in place by some copper tubing. Yea, its ghetto, but works very well!

You can't see it very well but this hose is almost in the stock position.

The driverside routes around the frame and goes up thru a hole I cut. It pops out under and behind the headlight bucket, next to the coolant tank.

It's a little crooked in this picture, I havent made a support bracket for it yet

I painted the pipes so they dont look so damn gaudy. You can see the black pipe running to the turbo inlet and then down behind the headlight.

There's a bit of pipe visible under the passenger headlight

And you can see where the pipe comes up from the bottom of the car.

Bad pic, but I painted it so the piping doesnt stand out


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