Rocketman's Tesla Coil

Rocketman's Tesla Coil

This is my Tesla Coil. I built it back in 2001, and I've slowly upgraded the parts on it to what it is today. I used to have a bank of OBIT's and a milk crate full of salt water caps. I use it for demos, and to help other people with school projects. The output isnt the best (max arc has been ~2ft) but it still impresses people. It could really use a better spark gap but its working fine for now.

  • 3" Secondary
  • 12/30 NST
  • 2x 30nf Maxwell Caps (in series for 15nF@70kV)
  • Single Gap SG
  • 1/4" Primary Tubing
  • 10 Amp Variac

In ActionBetter Shot The setupCloser

The PrimaryMy Variac The crude Spark GapMaxwell Capacitors


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